Smell Great Without Spending Too Much – A Quick Tip For Men

Dear men, please read on. Being tall, strong and handsome is always a favorable option. However, all of the mentioned attributes may be masked by an unpleasant body odor. You can be Prince Charming on a white horse, but no princess wants to be rescued by a smelly knight. On the other hand, strong fragrances may also be unpleasant – you are not trying to repel insects, but attract human females. Cosmetic companies are constantly offering new products for men care, but they are usually not budget friendly. Since we have quite a dilemma here, let’s find out how to smell great, without spending too much money.

What Causes Bad Body Smell?

Smelling bad is simply not acceptable in these modern days. Each person has a unique body odor (BO), produced by certain bacteria that thrive on our skin, like Staphylococcus and Propionibacterium. These bacteria use proteins in our sweat, shed skin and sebum – a fatty substance, as energy sources, and produce different smelly acids. This is a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of. However, BO can be very strong and unpleasant, depending on age, diet, health, and gender (as you probably notices, men tend to produce stronger BO).

Smelling Good Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

If you don’t have a particular problem with your sweat glands, there is no reason to spend a fortune on cosmetic products. There are plenty of products on the market which are both effective and inexpensive. In the search for the product type that best suits you, consider the following ones:

• Oil soaps – soaps are always a good choice but try to find oil soaps (olive, coconut, peppermint, citrus, etc.) Daily use of these non-aggressive soaps may be very beneficial to your skin and provide freshness and moisture. You can use these soaps for body wash and face wash.

• Moisturizers – the skin needs to be healthy to smell good. Lotions with natural moisturizers can help to accomplish that. Lotions based on shea butter, mango butter, and coconut oil are great for skin cleaning and provide a natural and refreshing scent.

• Deodorants – our most popular ally in the struggle against sweating. But keep in mind that a stronger fragrance and a higher price do not necessarily imply a stronger protection. Always try to choose a deodorant made from natural ingredients and subtle fragrance.

• Sandalwood oil – rubbing some of this excellent product on your neck and wrist each morning will provide a pleasant, long-lasting scent. Additionally, try to find a manufacturer which produces sandalwood oil with anti-inflammatory properties.

• Nautica cologne – Nautica deserves a special mention because this American brand accomplished in uniting an affordable price and high quality. Their colognes provide fresh oceanic scent, in different notes. Nautica offers various colognes, like Blue, Voyage, Pure Discovery, Classic, Aqua Rush.

A Few Extra Tips

Smelling good is really not that hard. Include some of the products mentioned above and follow some simple “rules”:

  • Bath or shower each day, especially after a physically demanding work
  • Trim body hair
  • Use products which have similar fragrance, so that there is no collision of different smells (you never know – someone might get sick)
  • Avoid garlic before important events (you can wash your teeth as much as you wish – garlic scent can travel through skin pores)
  • Keep your oral hygiene on the highest level possible and use mouthwash regularly

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