Want His Love In Life?

Source – Funlava

So want great love from your life? Want him with you always? Want him to love you more and more? Want him to share all the things with you? Want him to ask you before doing something? So you can make him do all the things you want from him. But you need to change a bit for gaining all this. You should need to become like that for gaining this. You need to love him and need to share all the things with him and care for his liking and dis liking and respect his feelings and try to avoid the things which are not liked by him.

It is not easy to make someone fall for you all the time. You need to do some of the things for him in return. You should cook something special for him. You should try to present him beautiful gift and bring the things which are liked by him. But keep in mind that you should not ignore him and show too much attitude. Sometime attitude may destroy much relation in life and you may lose many of the closest people from you whom you love because of your attitude.

Life is very beautiful with the hearts of other with your attitude and with your life and without love you may not able to win even a single day of someone from the heart. If you have lot of money you need to be real in life with money you can only buy things not the relationship and relationship of love need lot of care which you can’t buy with the wealth.

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