How to Recruit a Good Developer When You Don’t Code

So you are starting your new business or software house and all the setup is new and all the company is new.First of all you have to work for the location and the location should be like that everyone love to work there after that the furniture and it should be cool and comfortable so that people sitting on them can enjoy because they have to work for the whole day.After that you have to hire your team and it is most important task .You need to hire all the good people for your company who can work hard and can help you in getting great business and you need to trained them in the start which is not an easy task.You need to be change in your life for the great work.shutterstock_113952028-639x600

So if you are going to hire your first developer you need to focus on the following that that will helps you in getting best even if you do not know how to code and what type of work need in coding.

Figure out what you really need (check the status of the work you want e.g you should look for the person who know software well on which you want to work from him)

Understand a developer’s psychology

Get real about money

Find someone to do your vetting

When you are able to  hire good developer for your company than you will surely able to get great from your work and it will make you rich soon and helps you in getting great from your business.And this will make your life more and more beautiful.Keep smiling in your life for good health.



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