Five Best Creed colognes for men – The Royal Fragrance

Creed is a perfume house which is famous for producing best quality colognes. Its products are sold all across the world. It has won the heart of many people and everyone loves to have creed colognes. You can buy these scents from nearby market as well you can order it online. Some of its perfumes are very expensive. There are number of famous creed scents which will describe here. Besides Creed, you may want to check out the list of best cologne for men in 2016 to try more great smelling colognes.


GREEN IRISH TWEED is one of the famous and best quality creed cologne. Its fragrance is mature and anyone can wear it any time. The ingredients are composed of citrus and floral a note which urges people to use it. This scent creates a decent atmosphere everywhere and plays the best role to attract people. Anyone who loves to use colognes will definitely like it and no doubt will also advise others to have it.There are many things in life which are really important and that will makes you perfect in life. You need to remained up to date in the selection of all the items of life that will makes you good and impressive looking

MILLÉSIME IMPÉRIAL has an aquatic fragrance and is also among some renowned colognes of Creed. Most people love to use it when it is hot especially in summer. This is a perfect cologne for young generation. Its smell is so sweet that it haspower to drive anyone mad. The person who wears this smell feels like he is visiting oceans and forests because composition of its fragrance is very special and rare.

LOVE IN BLACK is the best creed cologne for men. It is best suited for rainy days and cloudy weather. Iris and violet are the two main things which mix up and make the scent glamorous. This is among some top colognes and every man is interested to purchase it.

HIMALAYA by creed is also famous and in fashion. It is a perfect cologne to use because anyone can wear it without any restriction of time. It is best suited for day, evening, night time and also for different occasions. Grapefruits, lemons and sandalwood increase the worth of cologne.

AVENTUS is a popular cologne of the House of Creed. It has been in market since 2010. The superb ingredients are the mixture of pineapples, black currants and apples. It also contains a sweet smell of roses and jasmines. Most men desire to have this lovely scent.

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